Cheerful start

Finally made myself to the gym yesterday. Endured 35 minutes out of 60. It was a heavy workout… aerobic plus power exercise without any chance to take a breath. Crawled out of the gym by touch with shame to the coach, but felt myself like a superwoman as I actually got there anyway.

I know exactly that every person in the world has his own taste. And if your job involves even tinny-tiny piece of art and imagination – do not even think of showing your boss just the finished work. I include in that list preparing documents, presentations, calculations… Actually this applies to all types of work. You should consult with boss minimum twice just before the finish to check if he is ok with beige, dotted lines and that flower in the upper left corner of the document. Otherwise you`ll explode with anger every time when you have to redo your work all over again. Do not say I didn`t warn.
My colleague thinks otherwise. Oh. She is very responsible. And she is on a position that is higher than mine. So she is convinced she has no right to show her boss drafts (how stupid it is!)
Do you see the problem? Yep, neither do I, it is her very own difficulties, but there is a big fat «but» – currently we are working in a team on one project and we have deadline next week so just trust me – we are going to redo the document the night before deadline.
I warned her


I made a strong decision to stop my one-glass-of-vine-in-the-evening tradition that had been lasted for 1.5 months, and exclude chocolate, cookies and other trash food from my diet.
I endured 4 days.
Like all the idiotic ideas a thought that it would be nice to cook cookies for my colleagues came to my mind when I stuck in a bad traffic – on the 5th day. Actually it is David who buys sweets for our Department, but he is on a vacation now, so…
You know.. cooking requires a glass of vine just for the mood. And as a constant companion of Bordeaux de France there has to be those slices of Kinder chocolate… And you can`t bring the cookies if you`re not sure whether they`re edible or not…
I had two big stop signs! First: I cut my finger with the piece of that stuff around the neck of the bottle (do not drink it!),then I burned my hand with the pan (do not eat cookies!). Nice try, Ms Universe!..
I didn`t make it to the office.
I remember more dramatic sign, which told me ‘do not go to that date!’, that one I regret I didn’t take seriously.
And Still I can’t understand how do you not believe in karma, signs, etc.

English teacher from USA and other news

Whop, just recieved a letter with a business card of our new English teacher. He is 28 and he is from USA. Althought the latter is a bit confusing because his name is Emile Parotta. What is the name? Spanish or Italian, not less.
Lessons will take place right in my office on Wednesdays at 18-00 :) nice, ha?)
By the way, i went to the theatre with my collegues yesterday. It was the present due to the Women’s Day from our men in the group. Very thoughtful:) I liked the comedy :) and every time I come out from the theatre I feel like two times more spiritually (understand it as you like) educated and heartened than 2 hours before the plays. Though it doesn’t last long :) ) I couldn’t scrab (I will replace this word later, I can’t find the equivalent right now) myself off the bed how much I was sleepy cause was back home late, needless to say all inspiration evaporated like never showed up at all.

next mood swing: 5 minutes

I was listening “smiling with you” from 9 till 14 p.m. , same song again and again. First several times it made me happy, I wanted to dance and nothing seemed impossible for me :) then I felt blue, close to cry, because the song is actually sad :( next 5 times – I became angry, and eventually I got bored.

And the reason for such fluctuations is obvious. I found it out at about 17-30. I hate those days. soooorryyy

the enrolment

I sent a request to a jewish centre in Moscow to find out wheather they had hebrew classes that might start soon.

They asked me to fill in a form: my name, year of birth, e-mail address, level of knowledge hebrew and there was a question why I want to learn the language.

Now I hope the classes will be conducted in a convenient time, sometime in the evenings after work. Don’t forget I have enrolled in English speaking club.

What am I expecting from all of this… amm.. new people in my life, new challenges for my brain, total utilization of my free time and something.


Tried a pilates class. I truly believed I was in a good shape, but nope, when a count was close to 8 and everybody kept standing in a dog-face-down position you would have found me already laying on the floor… in my defense, at least faced down.

Next week is time for yoga. I have only one month left before journey, so am going to do everything to get my strength and slimness back.


hello geckie


At 21 I had a clear vision of my life: there was no doubt I was going to get married my boyfriend with whom we had been together for quite a long time. But something went wrong. In my head of course. And this plan fell apart. Never mind, for two years I believed there was no smarter person than I was and everything I did felt somehow right.

When I was 24 I was eager for learning English because I wanted to pass the IELTS and thought that it was the mere obstacle on my way to Aussi.

At 25 I discovered that I am a big fat idler and having a nice luxury car would be a better option rather than dreaming of a fairy country where nobody waits for my arrival.

At 26 my car was still looking at me from the pretty sure I was not gonna buy it. At least in the next 3 years.

Okay. . Here I am 27 yo  smoking an electronic cigarette and starting this blog all over again. Im still single, live in Moscow,hate winters, not sure whether I love my job. In short nothing has actually changed. And this is a bit frustrating.

To fill my mind and time and to distract my dear self from sad thoughts  I started learning hebrew. an obvious activity in this case nah? The language is difficult, makes my brain creak, and takes all the efforts. Just try to pronounce this – daber l’at b’vakasha. Ah no! Try to read this!

בבקשה לדבר לאט יותר

Funny, ha?))

It is Saturday) and guess what I am doing on Saturdays now))



Celebrating the begining of the next one

Having spent $400 on delicious food I am on my way to my country place, where I am going to celebrate the very personal New Year. My best girlfriends will come there =) And my dear bro with his sweety ) Actually I`d rather spend this time with you, but the distance between us ahmm.. makes you unreachable =)

Old enough to buy creams for aging women xD

am starting to create an insidious plans =^.^=

Groundhog Day: Home

I think I am in a trouble here. The last year stuff is happening again. It drives me crazy. I need to get out of it. Each day resembles the next one. It feels like a torture. I need new emotions, I want something really interesting, something unusual and explosive, brutal, miserable, cynical and reckless – anything that could make me ponder and fire up the old well-known me.

Anything to explode my imagination, to drive people wild, to break their hearts and ideology. I wanna be given that now!

[singing alone] Give it to me, baby, aha aha